A L.E.A.D. Academy

December 17, 2015

Creative Computing with Codebug

Exciting Computer news – Our children will be learning about the exciting possibilities of computer programming in 2016, with the help of a batch of Codebug devices supplied by Yorkshire-based global electronics distributor Farnell element14.  The Codebug is a small, bug-shaped device designed specifically to provide children with a safe, easy to use introduction to programming and digital literacy.  The design includes an LED display, push – button eyes and six touch-sensitive ‘legs’, which can be used to connect the device to a range of objects using crocodile clips and wire.  We’re excited to be incorporating our new Codebug devices into a range of experiments and learning activities throughout the coming weeks. In addition to acting as a leading global supplier of electronics hardware and components, including electrical connectors, microprocessors and power management devices, Farnell element14 also supports several educational initiatives in Yorkshire and throughout the UK.  In 2016 they will collaborate with the BBC on a project to provide coding equipment to one million secondary school pupils all over the country.

“We are so grateful to Farnell element14 for their kind donation.  We can’t wait to get on with programming with our new Codebugs”  Mr Rossiter.