A L.E.A.D. Academy

March 8, 2017

World Book Day

The National Curriculum states that teachers should develop in children a love of literature through widespread reading for enjoyment, and we certainly showed that we love reading on Thursday!

As usual, many children and staff dressed up as book characters. We had Wallys and wizards; Geek Girls and Gangster Grannies; Fairies and Footballers; and a very convincing Cruella De Vill replaced Ms Tinsdeall for the day. Some of the puppies looked very nervous.

At home, lots of children had Done Something Booky. In assembly we gave a prize to the best in each class. It was amazing to see some of the projects that had been done with families – you must have had a busy time in the holidays – but we also love the independent work that children show us.

The classes spent the morning on book related activities: book reviews, book marks, art work, crafts and puzzles. We also invited children to swap books in the dining room. Thanks for the many generous donations of books for the book swap event. We had some very happy children, excited to read their new books.

In the afternoon, we had a book Tour so we could look at each others’ work. There was also quiz question to answer in every room. For example: How many dictionaries are in Y4JT? What audio book can you hear in Mrs Bonnett’s room? Name 4 books by Roald Dahl.

Quiz Results

Reception – draw! Both classes got 19 points.

Y1LW 19 – Y1KC 16

Y2MB 15 – Y2 SE 20 (overall winners!)

Y3LN 17 – Y3LS 14

Y4 JT 16 – Y4 CH 13

Y5 JE 18 – Y4 AW 14

Y6 CB 20 – Y6SM 19


We voted for the Best Reading Area giving points out of five in three categories: Is there a suitable choice of fiction and non-fiction books suitable for the age group, including some challenge? Is it an inviting place for readers to sit? And is it well organized and tidy?  The winner was the cozy Reception reading area with 183 points. Mr Brown’s Gazebo came second with 181.5 points and Mrs Bonnett’s Read and Research Area was third with 181 points. Well done!

Children went home with a book voucher that is worth one pound off any full price book in a book shop. Alternatively, it can be exchanged for a special edition World Book Day book – including a new David Walliams.

Thank you everyone for a great day. I wish it could be World Book Day everyday!

Mrs Bonnett